Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Inspection Highlights of the Week

This will be a (hopefully) weekly roundup of the highlights of the week.  Some will be informative, some will give you something to look out for in your own home, and some will just be funny, as in "what were they thinking?"

To get started, one of the things many of my Facebook and Twitter followers will know is that I am very proactive on Radon testing.  Last week, I was inspecting a home in Bowie, MD, and I noticed what looked like a partially installed, or maybe it was partially removed, Radon mitigation system.  I explained to the buyer what I had found, and that I suspected the sellers had either had a system and removed it, or tried to install a system on their own and not completed it.  Now most people don't just decide to put in a Radon mitigation system unless they know there is an issue with the house.  I suggested that we conduct a test, and they agreed.  I got the results back yesterday, and they were 12.8 pCi/L!!!  The EPA recommended limit for indoor Radon is 4.0 pCi/L.  Needless to say, the buyers were very happy to find this out before they bought the house.  I always say, would you rather find out that your home has high Radon as the buyer or the seller?

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