Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lead Paint Testing Now Available

Veteran Home Inspections is now accredited to conduct lead paint testing in Maryland.  We can conduct both XRF and dust wipe testing, depending on the type of certification required.  If you own a rental property built prior to 1978, you must have the property tested at tenant turnover.  We can issue Lead Free, Limited Lead Free, and Full Risk Reduction certificates.  If you are buying a property built prior to 1978, we can also conduct a lead paint inspection in conjunction with your home inspection.  Lead paint poses a serious risk to the health of all occupants, and the only way to know if it is present it to test.  For more information about lead paint and the associated hazards, check out the EPA's lead paint site.  Call today at 443-390-6650 to schedule your lead paint inspection.  More info about our services is available here.  Use Coupon Code LeadFreeMD for a discount on your lead paint inspections.